Auction Works: taking the emotional stress out of bidding for property

David Scholes, Director of auctionWORKS and licensed auctioneer has announced the launch of auctionWORKSonline, an online bidding platform that provides an alternative to traditional onsite auctions, allowing buyers increased comfort and control.

Auctions can be fast, furious and highly stressful – and for these reasons many buyers avoid them altogether, missing out on potentially perfect properties. auctionWORKSonline allows the buyer time to bid, and time to decide from the comfort of their own home or office – a luxury not afforded at traditional auctions that are over in minutes.

In a challenging market, where buyers are scarce, an online auction platform assures property owners that their agent is giving bidders every opportunity to attend the auction. By taking the auction to the buyers, rather than forcing buyers to the auction, means more competition on a property. auctionWORKS now gives agents more choice and a point of difference in their marketplace.

auctionWORKSonline is subject to the same stringent laws that apply to every Real Estate auction in Australia. Their online auction process has been carefully designed, using years of experience within the property industry, to give the same protection and opportunity that vendors and bidders experience in a physical auction. It is backed by the extensive knowledge of one of Australia’s leading property auction experts.

Marketing campaigns are identical to traditional sales – advertising is undertaken and inspections organised. Then, if a buyer likes the property, they simply register with the agent and satisfy the 100-point ID check (fulfilling the NSW Government regulations). It is at this point the process differs; the agent will enter the bidder details into the auctionWORKSonline system where at all times bidder’s details are kept entirely confidential. Once the auction commences the bidder then finalises their registration online so that they are permitted to bid, noting that at no time are they obligated to bid. For more information visit auctionworks.net.au.

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