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Ask the Coach: How to Play Level 10 in Work/Life Balance

Top coach Claudio Encina is back to answer your burning questions, this time regarding work/life balance.

Q. I feel that at the moment I don’t have a good work/life balance. Any advice?Sasha Tasic, Laing+Simmons St George

Here are some tips around personal and work balance:

Set goals, plan and prioritise
Having clear goals makes life so much easier, because you know where you are going, how to get there and you have more control. Without clear goals you can experience feelings of confusion and frustration, and this can drain your energy and decrease your productivity.

Have structure in place
Work/personal balance is all about flexibility, but to have flexibility you need a solid structure around you – both at work and at home. Structure is important because it brings certainty to the world and freedom.

Practise good time management
Central to good time management is to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time and for the right duration. To be able to do this, it’s necessary to establish your priorities and then focus only on those tasks that advance important goals. We’ve all heard about creating an ideal day and week. Schedule ‘me time’ first, family time, personal development and then finally your work stuff, such as prospecting, appointments and so on. Happiness starts with you.

Take holidays and long weekends
Everyone needs a total break from real estate so that they can freshen their perspective on what needs to be done. I find three breaks a year to take time off helps me work at my highest level. Normally these times are around December/January, April and mid-year, before the spring madness arrives.

Reward yourself
Rewards are important because they are the something extra you have been working towards. So, after you have set your goals and achieved them – take the reward.

Stay healthy
It’s important to eat well, sleep well and exercise.

Love your job
Real estate is a journey and with every journey it’s more enjoyable if you enjoy every stage. Enjoy the sales/listings, the people and the opportunities. To enhance your work/life balance it is so very important to enjoy what you do.

I say in life play level 10: Work hard and play hard!

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