Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I’ll Be There.”

You’d be forgiven if you thought that this headline was a publicity stunt hoax by master ‘attention getting’ marketer Glenn Twiddle, but yes, Twiddle has secured Arnold Schwarzenegger to headline his Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit Two-Day Training.

It started as a dream in Glenn’s ‘if I could do anything, what would I do?’ goal-setting session (in one of his own seminars) but even he thought it was to stay on the wish list for a good many years to come.

“Be careful what you put on those ‘bucket lists’,” Twiddle says, “because if you apply yourself and then wait for other people to tell you ‘no’, you just might be surprised what you can accomplish!”

“Now, more than ever before, agents need to skill-up with new and innovative strategies that work today, and not outdated prospecting strategies that stopped working in 2006.”

Other than Schwarzenegger, the lineup of agents and trainers designed to help you achieve this task appears to be a pretty special group. Twiddle continues, “Also on the speaker list is Tom Carlin, Harcourts’ number one salesperson in Australia, who has done what others thought impossible by earning just shy of $2 million in a year, at the age of 26. Needing no introduction, having won as many REIQ Salesperson of the Year awards as Tom Hanks has won Oscars, Amber Werchon will also be joining us. Daniel Hayes has been described as a ‘Marketing Warlord’ and for good reason. Daniel’s ‘outrageous advertising’ is as attention-getting as you can get and has led his brand to be #1 in his town of Geelong in Victoria. And his rise to success, and the subsequent drama along the way, would make a Hollywood blockbuster even Arnie himself would be surprised by.”

“Chris Gilmour has a brand new marketing system that is proving massive, which he will be sharing with attendees. He uses it to maintain his million-dollar annual performance, while affording him more time with his family by doing it in less time. The legend, Dane Atherton, Harcourts’ number one franchise business owner and REIQ Auctioneer will be there, as will the Sales King, Aaron Sansoni, and Millionaire Mindset Club founder and bestselling author Pat Mesiti.”

The Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit will be held on Mar 16 and 17 in Brisbane. Visit www.QREAS.com.au for more information.

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