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According to marketing experts, we can only remember a maximum of seven brands for any product. In real estate, the average person can only remember a couple of agents. You want to be the person that they think about when they think “real estate”; the trusted expert in the field.

The majority of buyers and sellers contact less than two agents before they purchase or sell a property. That means that if you are not the first person they think of when they think real estate, they likely won’t use you to buy or sell their home.

Not only do you want to be first in their minds, but you also want them to think instantly of and refer to you when anyone else talks about real estate as well.

So how do we do this?

You want to touch—or make contact with your database on a regular basis, in a variety of ways. Too many touches or non-valuable touches can damage your brand. Too little, and they won’t remember you. The key here is not to sell; you want to provide value. You do this by offering something that your prospects need and can engage with.

You also want to be consistent. Many agents have great plans, but little follow-through. The top agents are consistently in touch with their database. A good rule of thumb in marketing is what’s called the 4/7/11 model, which refers to 11 touch points, seven hours of contact, across four platforms. This could be phone calls, emails, videos, newsletters, direct mail or any other medium you choose.

When is the last time you talked to some of your past clients? If you don’t have a regular strategy to keep in touch with your past clientele, you are missing out on tons of business. Acquiring a new client, as opposed to retaining an existing one costs six to seven times more in marketing! Every client has friends and family that they can refer to you. These leads don’t require spending tons of money on marketing. All they require is that you are on the minds of those people you already know, and the best way to do that is by keeping in touch.

Keeping in touch doesn’t just mean sending a newsletter or notices about your current listings. It’s about building relationships with people and getting them to become your ally. You want them in your corner, so that when they hear someone talk about moving, they say, “Oh, you’ve got to meet my friend so-and-so, they’ll help you!”

Leave a comment – What are your best strategies for keeping in touch with your database?

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