Agents Own the Roads as the UK’s Best Drivers

New research conducted by car finance experts, Zuto, suggests that there is a potential link between drivers who are most likely to break the rules of the road and what they do for a living. And it seems that real estate agents are on the top of the good list.

It seems if you’re driven to succeed both on and off the roads, a career in the property industry is the way forward. Zuto’s findings show that drivers who work as estate agents are the best overall. The experience of driving from property to property, and knowledge of their local area has clearly made them as ‘safe as houses’ on the road, with a massive 80% having never received a speeding fine and a further 92% having never even run a red light.

The professions who boasted the best driving skills overall were:

  1. Estate agents
  2. Police officers
  3. Farmers
  4. Chefs
  5. Artists

In contrast, over half (54%) of accountants admitted to receiving a speeding fine, more so than any other occupation listed. One in ten (10%) of those guilty of speeding were repeat offenders, with an average of five fines compared to the national average of 1 (48%). It seems a desire to be out of their suits and on the sofa is what’s driving accountants to disobey limits, with a quarter (26%) doing so to get home sooner.

Interestingly, high-stress careers, such as those in the healthcare profession, struggle most with obeying road rules. Trickier manoeuvres, like the parallel park, test the patience of those in marketing and recruitment.

  • Worst at parallel parking – Recruitment professionals
  • Worst at three-point turns – Marketers
  • Worst at stopping at Zebra crossings – Doctors
  • Worst at indicating – Artists
  • Worst at obeying traffic lights – Nurses

James Wilkinson, CEO of Zuto said: “It’s interesting to see that our driving habits could be influenced by our jobs and it’s reassuring that occupations where people tend to drive others around such as estate agents and police officers, see driving habits and overall safety improve as a result.”

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