100 Years of Moving Homes

Grace Removals Group has been celebrating 100 years of successfully moving Australians across the street and the world. Having been a part of Australia’s history, they obviously have some interesting insights into the “moving” habits of Australians. According to Steven Brown, CEO, they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

To celebrate our Centenary in 2011, we spent a great deal of time delving into the nation’s perceptions of the Australian home: now and in the future. We looked at attitudes towards current living situations and discovered predictions for home moving habits in the year 2111. This article presents our key findings along with insights from social researcher Mark McCrindle to provide a better understanding of buyers when listing and selling homes.


Australians are moving home more frequently than ever before, with half (51%) having lived in their current home less than five years. McCrindle attributes this to the high amount of renters and rental properties throughout Australia, “there will be a continued rise in the number of renters compared to owners and all of this will lead to increased housing mobility with people staying less time per abode than we currently see.”

Australians are moving home more frequently than ever before, with half (51%) having lived in their current home less than five years.

The average Australian has moved almost eight times in their life (7.88 moves) with Victorians averaging the least moves (7.05) and West Australians averaging the most (9.27). Australians are choosing to move within their own backyard, with the majority of recent moves occurring within the same state (85%). An amazing four in five of these were within the same or an adjoining suburb showing that although Australians are moving frequently, they are staying in areas they know.


Currently the average household comprises 2.6 people; however, the perception is that within a century it will average 4.38 people. Homes will need to be even bigger to accommodate elderly generations as well as young adults living under one roof.

Currently there’s an average of 1.48 generations in one home although half (53%) of the population believes there will be two generations, and over one fifth (22%) believe there will even be three generations, living in the Australian home in 2111. McCrindle says: “Australians are expecting housing in the future to contain more generations and therefore more people than we are currently seeing and so our future homes will provide housing for the extended family, families that look very different to the nuclear family, and even separate family units.”


When delving into reasons behind moving home, Australia is quickly becoming a “McMansion” nation, with size nominated as the key factor for Australians’ most recent move. Almost twice as many Australians upsized (42%) than downsized (23%) revealing they are looking for more space.

Further supporting the move to being a McMansion nation, Australians most like the size of their home (19%) rather than the suburb (12%) or its environmental credentials (5%). Despite the current trend for a McMansion, when asked about current housing types, over two thirds (71%) of respondents say they live in detached houses, although nearly half (48%) of Australians predict that the average Australian home in 2111 will be an apartment.

Over a third (36%) of the nation think green living will be the most important factor to consider when choosing a home 100 years from now.


When considering what makes the ideal home, Australians said if there is one thing that could be changed it would be more indoor features (21% selected this which covered spa, shutters and air-conditioning) and more internal space (18%) rather than more outdoor features (pool, garden, veranda at 13%) so this looks to be a key trend for buyers in the New Year.

Despite Aussies currently not paying so much attention to environmental and sustainable credentials, over a third (36%) of the nation think green living will be the most important factor to consider when choosing a home 100 years from now – more critical than being close to the workplace (3%), living on a nice street (2%), or being close to childcare/schools (1%).McCrindle explains: “We will move to more of a user pays system (where the total cost of resource use and pollution will be borne by the household) and so sustainability will be integrated into all elements of housing design. It will no longer be a “nice to have” optional extra but a “must have” standard.”

Whatever changes might be ahead, Grace Removals Group is sure to be on that journey and we look forward to the next 100 years of helping Australians move home!

Steven Brown is the CEO of Grace Removals. 2011 marked 100 years of Grace Removals Group, which commenced with one repository at Camperdown and two horse drawn vehicles. Today, Grace Removals Group proudly own branches in over 40 locations Australia and New Zealand wide and have a 400 strong fleet at their disposal. The brand is considered one of the biggest and most recognised removalist companies in Australasia and is part of an extensive international partnership network.

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